• these, our precious scars

    ICOSA hosted a collaborative exhibition of sculpture, photography and installation created by sculptor Erin Cunningham and I in the spring of 2018, the final show in our original gallery space that was bought by developers. Taking inspiration from the Japanese philosophies behind wabi-sabi and kintsugi, we joined forces and mediums to investigate imperfection, longevity, hope and revealing seams in an homage to the topical situations of development and displacement. We used processes of melting metal, casting, tearing and gilding that explored ideas of alchemy and layers of inherited narrative to express failure, impermanence, industrialization and the misrepresentation of brokenness. From rising Phoenix birds, to remnants of the auto industry and interactive vulnerability, the show proved to be a healing journey into the spirit of our times and a fitting testimony to the positive power of change and creating magic out of destitution. My series Altertagsgeschicte from this show tore photographs specifically according to historical pain and change, then glued and gilded them. A booklet accompanied this series of images that was a takeaway for attendants on the opening night.