Photo Credit: Aaron Rosenblum 2022

ALYSSA TAYLOR WENDT (b. 1969, New York City) is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker and curator working in Austin and Detroit. Her recent projects reference ritual, animism, mysticism, architecture, and history using video, sculpture, staged photographs, and performance. Earning her MFA from Bard College, she has shown and performed internationally since 2004. She has exhibited and performed extensively including: : Oh Gods of Dust and Rainbows, the FRONT Triennial, Ohio (2022); Wasserman Projects, Detroit (2022); Women and Their Work, Austin (2015); Co-Lab Projects, Austin (2012, 2010); Vox Populi, Philadelphia (2011); and Babel, Norway (2009); TSA, Los Angeles (2018); Wassaic Project, New York (2018); DEMO Gallery, Austin (2017); Third Man Records, Detroit (2016); ICOSA Collective (2017-2022) New Museum for Contemporary Art, NY (2011); and Miami Art Basel (2008); Museum of Art and Design, NY (2013), Deitch Projects, NY (2005) and Fusebox Festival, Austin (2012). She is a recipient of several awards, including Official Winner of the International Istanbul Film Festival Award for H A I N T (2018), for TMI at the Sigues du Nuit festival in Paris (2021) and the City of Austin Cultural Council Grant (2015-2022). She is currently a candidate for a second master’s degree in Museum Studies from Harvard and plans to open a small non-profit museum of cultural artifacts in 2024.

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