I constructed this installation for the 64-artist show I curated about death and transformation called Good Mourning Tis of Thee at DEMO Gallery in Austin, TX. Anchored by an abstracted skeletal lightbox transparency on a bed of Virginia Pine boughs in a large skewed aluminum boat, the work presents a series of burials, ranging from the historical and intentional to the unintentional. A skirt of military tarps surround the boat in a dimly lit basement, displaying a panoply of objects that range from Egyptian artifacts to present day refugee belongings. Visitors circumnavigate a variety of dark passages from the reverent to the ceremonial to the circumstantially tragic. In the wake of recent natural disasters, this piece feels especially poignant as such vessels become both a source of hope and despair. The objects used in this installation are all from my personal collection of animistic pieces with personal or cultural history or that I constructed out of materials from my cosmology.