• In the Absence of Ideal Conditions

    In the Absence of Ideal Conditions, a collaborative exhibition of sculptures, video and installation between multi-disciplinary artists Elaine I-Ling Shen and Alyssa Taylor Wendt is part of the ICOSA Collective’s ongoing series of two-person shows. Using rudimentary materials and working intuitively together for the first time, their exploration into process, matter and time reveals themes of creation, existence, divination, deterioration and the notion of eternal recurrence. Much of their joint work concerns the difficulty in distinguishing between states of decline and evolution, along with the tension created by that ambiguity.

    This exhibition developed as a celebration/meditation/experiment about collaboration, process, and material. Created in a compressed span of four weeks filled with unexpected challenges, every decision and action between us, big or small, led us to this point. In the studio, we joked that ORB became our “idea generator”. Humor has a way of revealing truth as ORB’s material and conceptual DNA runs through all of the pieces in the show.

    The resulting works address and ponder ideas of absence, rebirth and beginnings. At a time of existential crisis in our country, our ideas naturally lilted towards a macroscopic view of being. Basic raw mediums turned into form that in turn, asked more questions about us as not only artists, but as humans. The act of making became an exercise in listening, flexibility and fortitude that shaped our practice and spirits, as we worked long hours even in arctic warehouse temperatures.

    In the absence of ideal conditions, you forge connections, you persist, you create.