• Ultima Thule

    A collaborative exhibition at the ICOSA Collective that I created with Kate Csillagi, ULTIMA THULE explored the region of the realm beyond the known world using sculpture, drawing and photographs. Thinking about alternative planes of reality and sensual explorations into lucid thinking, we used motifs of spiritual cartography, pageantry, textiles and mercurial materials to dissolve predictable margins of observation and scientific rule.

    For collaborations, we created an inverted tree sprouting horsehair and teeth, along with ten framed multilayered pieces of acrylic paint drawings on acetate over my black and white photographs. The series Oscillations was inspired by the Five group created by Hilma af Klimt, where she and her artist lady cohorts channeled psychic messages through drawing experiments. My personal research led me into discovering uncanny connections between Omni Magazine, Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock, and the juxtapositions between polarized ideologies such as science/science fiction, true hyperbole/opinionated facts and reward/labor. The resulting pieces Kudos, Codex Curtain, 1979 :::2019 and Murex are shown here with detail.