• Understory

    Understory was an exhibition at MASS Gallery in Fall 2016. Curated by Jules Buck Jones, this multidisciplinary show used artists that employ narrative in their work, including myself, Hollis Hammonds, Lee Baxter Davis and Trenton Doyle Hancock. I showed video and production stills from the latest Croatia film, HAINT: Salvation and a giant 18-foot kinetic mobile sculpture, entitled YGGDRASIL: III IIIII III (Detroit edition) and represented in the following images.

    YGGDRASIL: III IIIII III (Detroit edition) took as its inspiration the rebuilding of a old home I bought in an auction in Detroit. With a partner, we lovingly dismantled and rebuilt this Victorian home and I used many of the pieces of our experience in this sculpture. The balance here represents the rebirth of a historical object and the potential dissolution of a relationship. Items include: 15 mild and stainless steel bars; monofilament; fishing leaders and hooks; mason line; Human Hair; 2 Paint Can Lids; Cuckoo Clock Weights; Rusted globe arrow detritus; Potatoes; Square 1890’s nails; Surveyor Pendulum; Personalized knife Sharpener; Victorian metal ornamental trim; Mirrored Plexiglass knife; Old Trap; Plastic miniature pelvis; 3 scalloped 1890’s shingles with lead paint; Gilded wishbone; black and white garden Polaroid; Miniature hand scythe; False Teeth; Bolt and Washer from decommissioned Detroit historical street light post; Sterling cherry; Wooden souvenir ax; “33” Dance Contest number; Burnt baluster; 1890’s hinge; Tiny Crutch; Ancient Lock and Key; Detroit ball peen hammer; Small handless clock face; Pulley; Borrowed rusted chain.