• Prima Materia

    Curated around the idea of alchemy, Erin Cunningham, Emmy Laursen, ICOSA and I designed a group show of Austin artists whose work explores a sense of mysticism, teleportation, clairvoyance and the magic of metallurgy. Shown in conversation with Erin and my show these, our precious scars, this group of work examined change as a positive force and one that could yield bigger discoveries and treasures, as with an alchemical practice. Pump Project closed shortly after this show with the sale of this beloved space. This exhibition affirms the strength of the art community to persevere in the face of displacement and gild the seeds of future endeavors. Participating artists included: Steve Brudniak, Lisette Chavez, Rachelle Diaz, Aaron Flynn, Mai Gutierrez, Sarah Hirneisen, Andrea Faye Hyland and Emily Cayton, Jieun Beth Kim, TJ Lemanski, Kyle Nutter, Amy Scofield, Prakash Spex, Wes Thompson, Bruce Lee Webb and Sally Weber.