• Good Mourning Tis of Thee

    This was a conceptual, epic group show of visual art, installation and performance that Sean Gaulager from Co-Lab Projects and I curated at the now defunct DEMO Gallery. Over 600 square feet and with over 60 artists from Texas, New York, Detroit, California, Washington and Tennessee took part in this expansive exhibition about death and transformation. This interactive show addressed issues of grief, loss, mortality, architecture and urban development and was staged in a building slated for demolition. My concept for this show was to approach death as a positive agent of change and also to unpack the conversation between our lack of death rituals in our culture to the expansion of urbanism and widespread gentrification that accompanies that with little recognition for the energy of place. The installations, performances, salon and public programs were widespread, diverse, engaging, provocative and widely loved. See the catalogue PDF for samples of the work and a complete list of artists.