• I, Daughter of Kong

    Curated by myself, Cynthia Mitchell and the I, Daughter of Kong Center for Research, this group show at the old Allen Street Co-Lab space was an amazing amalgam of work. Based on the found film fragment that showed a creature, half ape and half woman, this center has been collecting and compiling evidence and research from the collective unconscious. This exhibition focused on the cults and sects that emulate and worship IDOK and the various theories that form as a result.

    Contributors included: Lara Allen, Skye Ashbrook, Marian Barber, Jeffrey Beebe, Emily Cayton, Wendy Farina, Colette Gaiter, Sarah Glanville, Wayne Grim, Billy Beasty, Katelena Hernandez, Amy Hicks, Steve Jones, Alexis Karl, Kurt Keppler, Abigail King, Kristin Lucas, Colin McIntyre, Cynthia Mitchell, Moira Murdock, Robyn O’Neil, Jamie Panzer, Sandi Petrie, Marijana Riminick, Jovi Schnell, Carrie Mae Smith, Phoebe Tooke, Anjali Sundaram, Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Jade Walker, Bruce Lee Webb and Caroline Wright.