Fall 2019: Sanctum, Warmly Persuasive and celebrations

Catching up on all recent activity here!
Last September, I curated a show at Big Medium called Sanctum brought together a collection of international artists to present work in conversation around the concept of genetic memory- Beili Liu, Birthe Piontek, Jaime Zuverza, Cordula Dity and Scott Campbell. Long fascinated with the idea that we inherit not only DNA but fear, habits, triumph, trauma and love, among other things from our ancestors, I gathered these artists to explore how this affects our collective cultural consciousness. Hailing from diverse practices and working in video, installation, photography, painting and sculpture, this show included an excerpt from my latest video TMI, which she filmed this past summer in Detroit.

Great press from Robert Faires and the Chronicle here.

Andy Campbell curated a fabulous group show in Los Angeles for the ICOSA Collective at TSALA called Warmly Persuasive.

Voyages Houston did a fun online interview with me. Read it here

And yours truly celebrated the BIG birthday, both with a house full of guests dressed in red and with family near and far in the deserts of Joshua Tree!